Instrument Services

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Instrument Services

We offer various instrument services, including repairs and an instruments hiring-service.

Instrument Repair

With in-house repair technicians, we offer a variety of services and repairs for any instrument : from general setups to complete restrings and any other service your instrument may require.

Please note, this list does not include all the services and repairs we do in instruments. It is only a general listing of most repairs most commonly requested.

Complete Restrings

– Electric/Electro-Acoustic/Acoustic Guitar – £15.00 (includes standard strings)

– Classical Guitar Restring – £18.00 (included standard nylon strings)

– Complete Violin/Viola/Cello Restring – £10.00 (plus cost of strings)


– Setups – Frome £60.00 (strings not included)

This includes truss rod adjustement, action adjustment, intonation, fingerboard cleaned and oiled, frets polished, electronics, tightening srews and bolts, cleaning and polishing the guitar.

Electronics – From £30.00 (plus parts)

Services such as new jacket, new volume ir tone pot, new switch, pickup replacements for acoustic or electric guitars, complete rewire,

Saxophones, Clarinets, and other Wind and Bass Instruments

– Repairs from £20.00

For full saxophone repairs, re-padding, and general setups, feel free to enquire for a quote. Or alternatively, you can stop by in store.

Instruments for Hire

Are you interested in learning an instrument, or trying a new one, but you are not sure whether buying would be the
best option? We also offer an instrument rental service.

To rent an instrument you must be able to provide three forms of ID which have your current address. A driving license,
passport, and utility bills are all accepted to complete our rental application form.
A refundable deposit of £75 is required per instrument, as well as three month’s instrument rent in advance. The rates for instrument rentals are as follows :

– Alto/tenor saxophone: £22.50 per month.
– BB clarinet: £15 per month.
– Trumpet: £15 per month.
– Flute: £15 per month.
– Cello: £15 per month.
– Violins: £10 per month.

Other instruments are also available, please ask!

Pre-owned Instruments

We have a wide range of pre-owned instruments for sale. This includes :

– Violins
– Guitars
– Saxophones
– Clarinets
– Flutes
– And more

If you are interested in selling us your used instruments, we offer two options: there is either a part exchange or a commission sale basis.